She’s Tired of Going Nowhere: Short Stories Inspired by Warren Zevon

Warren Zevon
Image from Wikimedia Commons, used under a Creative Commons license.

She’s Tired of Going Nowhere is a collection of short stories inspired by Warren Zevon songs. Previously titled Miss Gun to a Knife Fight, this collection was my 2013 MFA thesis project and is mentioned in George Plasketes’ biography, Warren Zevon: Desperado of Los Angeles as well as the Warren Zevon Wikipedia page.

From time to time, I get an email from a Zevon fan who’s reading George’s book or browsing the Wikipedia page asking me where to find my collection. Unfortunately, the book hasn’t yet found its perfect home. After several intensive rounds of revisions, writing new stories, and more revisions, I’m in the process of shopping She’s Tired of Going Nowhere to agents and publishers. In the mean time, many of the stories have been published in literary journals, and a number of those are available to read online.

What follows is the book’s table of contents, with links to stories that are available online or in print.

  1. Remember This: We Are Only Now Beginning
  2. The Girl Who Only Sleeps on Planes: a Blog
  3. A Crushing Beauty (print only)
  4. She’s a Work of Art (after “Excitable Boy”)
  5. The Housewives (after “Mr. Bad Example”)
  6. The Time You Listened To Nothing but One Musician for One Year Straight (published as “The Time I Listened to Nothing but Warren Zevon for One Year Straight”)
  7. A Masterpiece (after “Excitable Boy”; print only)
  8. What Jeannie Needs (After “Jeannie Needs a Shooter”)
  9. She Ain’t Gonna Cheat On Him
  10. Shimmer (after “Poisonous Lookalike”)
  11. Lonely Weather
  12. Olive Branch
  13. A Girl Watches It Run Straight Down
  14. Sunset (after “A Bullet for Ramona”; print only)
  15. The Housewives II
  16. #feminism (after “A Certain Girl”; print only)
  17. Art Therapy
  18. A Series of Portraits in Which a Girl (after “The French Inhaler”; print only)
  19. Designing Bridges
  20. It Could Be (after “Run Straight Down”)
  21. The Musician Attempts Happiness (published as “Warren Zevon Attempts Happiness”)
  22. The End Is another Way to Say, “Begin Again”

I love hearing from readers, especially fellow Zevon fans, so feel free to drop me a line if you connect with any of these tales.

And be sure to enjoy every sandwich!