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White barn that says "Eden Hall Barn Chatham University"

Flash Fiction: It Could Be

  Mia finds a barn on the Iowa side of the Sioux City outskirts. It sits atop an almost imperceptible bump of a hill, a white sailboat against the ocean of the meadow rippling like waves in the wind. She couldn’t find her grandparents’ graves, and she still doesn’t know where, exactly, they used to...

cover for TV Girls

Book Review: TV Girls by Dana Diehl

  Dana Diehl’s new chapbook, TV Girls (New Delta Review, August 2018), is a collection of short stories based on reality TV shows and celebrities. You don’t need to be familiar with The Bachelor or Sister Wives to enjoy the characters or their struggles, though. Whatever you’ve gleaned from reading People headlines in the grocery store checkout line and from your friends’ Facebook...