You’re never through with some things

“You think you’re through with some things,” says the main character in Jess Walter’s short story “Anything Helps.”

The character, Bit, is referring to his return to begging for money with a cardboard sign on the side of the road. The story makes me cry every time I read it.

But I’m not talking about being homeless here. I’m referring to my blog The Adventures of Miss Migraine.

I thought I was getting better (and I am, sort of), but after my last appointment with my migraine specialist, I discovered that the need to talk about the ongoing frustrations of dealing with pain, other migraine symptoms, and medication side effects, still pushed against my ribcage.

I tried writing one post about migraines for this space, but it didn’t feel right. So you can find me here, and you can find me over at Miss Migraine, too.

The unfortunate fact is that I’m always going to have migraine disease. There isn’t a cure. Sure, I might get the disease under “control,” but I will always need to think about what I’m eating, how much physical activity I am capable of, whether or not the soap in someone’s bathroom has a strong scent, and a dozen other things.

Having a dedicated space to work through my migraine issues is an important part of my coping mechanism. It took walking away to see that, and that’s okay. I’m comfortable with revision, even when it’s revising my plans and goals.


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