You can only move forward

People talk about starting over,  new beginnings, new leases on life, fresh chances.

Those phrases are all a little misleading. You can’t ever truly start over.

(Well, not unless your memory is erased, nullifying the sum of your experiences. But for almost everyone, I’d bet, that would suck.)

People argue nature versus nurture all the time, but I suspect the truth lies somewhere in the middle. We are who our genes tell us to be as much as we are what our experiences make us.

So at each “fresh start,” we are applying the lessons we’ve learned throughout the courses of our lives, however subconsciously.

It’s like hitting the “reset” button on an old cartridge game. Yes, you are starting the game over, but now you know more than you did on your last play-through. You’ve learned how to control your jumps better, where that secret passageway with all the rings is, the exact spot you need to hit to kill the boss.

This is why no word written is ever wasted. Just by putting your pen on the paper and moving it you’re learning.

And humans are designed to learn and grow. That process only stops if we stop paying attention.

Never stop paying attention. And keep moving forward.


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