Miss Migraine: When suffering a three-week-long migraine, I sometimes forget the following:

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The Adventures of Miss Migraine is an ongoing column about my life with chronic migraine. This post first appeared on my blog of the same name on November 9, 2012.

1. Which way to turn the cold water tap in order to shut if off.

2. To put my pants on BEFORE my shoes.

3. To eat.

4. That I received an invitation to hang out with a friend.

5. That I accepted her invitation.

6. Which way is right.

7. Which way is left.

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8. What my body feels like.

9. To write (something, anything).

10. To take my medication.

11. That I can call my doctor and ask for a cycle breaker.

12. That a draft of a 20-page paper is due.

13. That I run a blog.

14. That the pain will let up, eventually.


4 Responses

  1. I can relate to some of that-which way is left and right. Sometimes I want to go this way and my body wants to go another way or not at all. And more times than not I go into the pantry for something very specific foodwise for an ingrediant, forget it, go back to my cookbook, scan my list, then go back again to forget it yet once more and repeat that cycle too many times and the frustration mounts. Or start a load of laundry and come back to it and question myself “now did I put laundry soap in there or not”? then usually end up with too much soap and have to run an extra rinse cycle. I’d forget the dishwasher too. I’d forget if I paid a bill, some I send in a paper check and a few I pay online. I’m so disorganized. I’d send another paper check in the mail and double pay. Which is ok I’m ahead a month but I’d be tight on finances and end up being short on a few other things for that month but have just enought to squeek by for meds. The mind is a crazy thing and when it’s short circuiting during a migraine cycle it cannot focus clearly on day to day tasks. I do good enough to write down my meds when I take them. And I have 2 different reminder alarms so I take my preventives on time-1 on my cell and 1 on my ipod. I have 1 on my tablet but thats always shut off. Thank goodness there are those free pill reminders that actually work as well as those migraine meters to track your migraine attacks. I can’t write down on those diarys anymore because I have too much to track anymore and cannot keep up with it all. It’s all just too mind boggling and time consuming.

  2. Lisa says:

    I feel your pain…literally. I have been miserable for a while now. Aimovig has not helped. My son now has a chronic migraine diagnosis as well.

    • Kelly Lynn Thomas says:

      I’m so sorry Aimovig hasn’t helped!!! A few months in and I can definitely feel it helping me in a significant way (I didn’t get a single debilitating migraine while traveling over the holidays, and I drank A LOT of whiskey). I’m also really sad to hear your poor kiddo has a chronic migraine diagnosis, too. =( I’ve heard of a few other new drugs in the pipeline, so hopefully one of those will be the one that does it for you. Fingers crossed!

      • Lisa says:

        I am so glad Aimovig is working for you!!! That’s great! I see Dr. Vogler in February, she said I have to be off Aimovig for about two months before trying one of the other new meds which is pretty good timing.

        Sean is struggling and now has a concussion on top of it all.

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