Two funny books about books

It’s Wednesday. I woke up with a roaring migraine. Therefore, I’m not having real thoughts. Only ghost thoughts, or half thoughts.

So instead, some humor.


weird_thingsThis book delivers exactly what the title promises: bizarre, odd, and downright creepy things people have said in bookstores across the country (there’s even an entry from Penguin Bookshop in Sewickley!)

The author’s blog can be found at

My favorite weird things were the messed up titles people asked for. Like Nineteen Eighty Six. Yeah.




publiclibraryI can personally attest that everything Gina Sheridan writes about in this book is true, because I too work at a public library and get some bizarre questions.

This is also a blog turned book. The blog is still updated with Sheridan’s entries as well as entries from other libraries.

No, I have never submitted one. But perhaps today is the day…

It is Wednesday, after all.


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