The thing about to-do lists

Normally, I write a to-do list each week and break it down into categories: writing, blogging, Wild Age Press, “other.”

My attempts to do one action from each category each day are leaving me feeling unaccomplished and inadequate, because I can’t do EVERYTHING but always feel like I should be able to do everything.

I’m still accomplishing quite a lot, but I find that often items will linger on my to-do list undone week after week.

An analysis of my lists makes it clear that:

  1. I am putting too many things on my list each week.
  2. I am not being specific enough with the items I put on my list.
  3. I am not prioritizing items on my list, with the exception of writing.

Most articles on writing successful to-do lists suggest a maximum of three specific tasks per day, and doing a “mind dump” if your brain wanders to the other billion things you need to do.

I’m going to use these tactics to help me focus on my writing and do a better job of getting boring real-life responsibilities taken care of (like the parking ticket that sat under my dresser for three weeks).

By mindfully creating lists of important tasks each day and focusing more on the things that bring me joy, I hope to finally decide whether, as my husband insists, I’m doing too much or if, as I hope, I can do more.


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