The New Miss Migraine

Three weeks ago I announced some changes would be coming to this blog. Today they have arrived. Take a look around. You will notice:

  • A set posting schedule. Posts will go up every Wednesday morning. If I can’t make that deadline, you’ll hear about it.
  • Name change from “Miss Migraine: The Adventures of a Girl Through the United States of Pain” to “The Adventures of Miss Migraine: Tales of Geekery, Writing, and Life with Chronic Illness.” I’ll explain why further down this post.
  • To go along with the name change, there’s a new header. It’s really basic and plain right now, but I should have a fancier one sometime in the near future. I didn’t want to let that keep me from posting new content, though.
  • New photo. The old photo of me was two years old. My hair is a lot longer now! (Plus this one shows off one of my awesome comics.)
  • Updated links to migraine blogs. Some of the blogs I was linking to were no longer being updated, so I removed those, and added a few new ones. I want to make sure I’m linking you to the best information and people out there. If you write a blog about migraine or chronic illness and would like to exchange links, comment here and we’ll make it happen!
  • Updated About page. I didn’t do a complete overhaul, just changed a few minor things to reflect the recent changes in my life.
  • Updated Migraines page. Again, not a complete overhaul, just added some links and did a few touch ups to make sure I had the most up-to-date information.

My contact information is staying the same, so if you follow me on Twitter or Google+, no need to do anything.

By far the two biggest adjustments are the name change and the posting schedule. The posting schedule is self-explanatory, the name change not so much. So here you have it:

Part of the reason I let Miss Migraine languish for awhile was that I felt a disconnect between my vision for what I wanted this space to be and what I felt it had become. But I still feel compelled to write about migraine disease and how it affects my life and my work as a writer. So I thought about how I could better align the blog with my vision.

In journalism, the headline is supposed to tell you the absolute most basic information about the story, so I experimented with getting my vision into the blog’s name in a better way. If you’ve read this blog at all in the past, you’ve seen that things like Star Wars and comics are a huge part of my life. And if the main point of this blog is to write about how migraine affects that life, then I can’t possibly try to exclude Star Wars and comics from this space–it would be disingenuous and misleading. So I thought I’d better include those things right in the title, too.

Next week, then, things will really get going. I examine the best and worst of public transit in “The bus: Idea generation machine or migraine trigger bomb?” I look forward to seeing you!


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