The Future of Miss Migraine

In a few weeks, this blog will undergo a few adjustments to its name, look, and feel, and I will announce a regular posting schedule.

Exciting right?

Well, I’m excited. I’ve let Miss Migraine languish while I finished my MFA and adjusted to my new full-time work schedule, and I’m itching to rev it up again and get back into the swing of regular posting.

Writing this blog has been a great way to deal with the despair that comes with my migraines, and even if no one reads it I’d still want to write it. Not that getting the occasional comment or kind word here and there isn’t a nice ego boost, mind you, but it’s not why I write.

I hope you do like my slightly new, re-launched blog, and will take some time out of your summer to read it. I’ll be here writing, either way.

Be healthy, people.


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