Summer reading 2015

I keep saying I want to read more poetry, and then I never do. So I’m making my summer reading goal to read ten poetry collections by the end of August.

More specifically, I want to read poetry by people of color, women, and anyone writing from/about a culture that is different from the dominant Western culture I live within.

Some I plan to buy, because they are written by people I know and like a lot. Others I hope to obtain from the library, and if I can’t, I’ll make substitutions. But for now, here’s my list:

  1. Arab on Radar by Angele Ellis
  2. Teaching My Mother to Give Birth by Warson Shire
  3. American Sublime by Elizabeth Alexander
  4. System of Hideouts by Heather McNaugher*
  5. Lighthead by Terrance Hayes
  6. Sever the Braid by Jessica Server*
  7. Women Who Pawn Their Jewelry by Sheila Squillante*
  8. The Shipwreck Dress by Terri Witek
  9. Let It Be a Dark Roux by Sheryl St. Germain*
  10. From the Belly of My Beauty by Esther Belin

Bonus collections:

  1. The Hospital Poems by Jim Ferris
  2. Dark Thirty by Santee Frazier
  3. In Mad Love and War by Joy Harjo
  4. Panic and Joy by Heather McNaugher*
  5. Yield to the Willow by Don Wentworth*
  6. Anything else off this list of Sherman Alexie’s top ten American Indian poets**
  7. Anything else off this list of the best female black poets**

*Poets I know, and shamefully haven’t read (at least not much). I will correct that this summer!

**I plan on working my way through these two lists, but I probably won’t be able to do it all by the end of August, because I will still be reading other things (and many of them I have to request through interlibrary loan).

If you live in the Pittsburgh area, you can join me in creating your own goal and tracking your progress with Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Every week you log progress toward your goal, you get entered into a drawing for different prizes.


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