New publications and new projects!

Things have been quiet around here for a while. The truth is I haven’t been writing much. And it’s been kind of great.

The weather finally warmed up, so I’ve been spending a lot of time in my garden, taking my dog for long walks, and working on non-writing creative projects (sewing and my new obsession, Perler beads!). D.J. and I have also been doing plenty of projects around the house.

We finally unpacked all our books and put them on our built-in bookshelves in the living room. I repainted an old shelf to make a home for our board game collection, and we painted a hallway that we put primer on a year ago.

If anything, this break has been rejuvenating. I didn’t feel very excited about any of my projects going from March into April, and after a month and a half “off,” now I’m excited about all of them—I’ve even come up with a few more, that I’m struggling to put on the back burner until I finish a few others!

Contrary to the popular advice that you need to write every day, you really don’t need to write every day. It’s okay to take a break. Even a long break!

Of course I haven’t been totally absent from the literary community while I’ve been off gardening and sewing, and I have two new publications that I’m excited about.

The first is an essay I wrote about my experience with an MFA program, which you can read over at NUNUM. If you’re considering an MFA, I’d highly recommend taking a look at their MFA Dispatches series, which features essays from current MFA students and grads, and covers a wide spectrum of MFA experiences. My particular essay takes a look at paying for an MFA and why I don’t regret paying for mine, but of course, your mileage may vary.

The second is a short story that’s part of my collection, and you can find it over at Pacifica Literary Review. It’s called “Shimmer,” and it examines beauty, beauty culture, women’s magazine, and body image in what I hope is an unnerving but beautiful way. This one is based on the Warren Zevon song “Poisonous Lookalike,” which you can listen to here.

I’m not planning on spending any less time outside, but you should be seeing more of me around here in the coming weeks.

Until then, enjoy every sandwich!



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