Miss Migraine: More Active Migraines

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The Adventures of Miss Migraine is an ongoing column about my life with chronic migraine. A version of this post originally appeared on my blog of the same name on January 10, 2013, when I was still an MFA student.

I’m taking 150 mg of Effexor every day.

Things have been incredibly up in the air for me concerning quite a few things, not least of those my health. In December, I had a set of strange episodes that lead to a trip to the ER, an MRI, and my doctor’s concern that I may have basilar migraines (Note from 2019: Thankfully, I did not have basilar migraines; it turned out to be a bad reaction to Effexor). I meet with her next week to discuss the MRI results and find out if I’m allowed to take triptans again.

If nothing else, though, my migraines have become more active. I’ve been experiencing some (thankfully) mild nausea and vertigo, neither of which ever presented before. I’ve also been having more distinct migraine attacks in the middle of the night accompanied by night sweats. They do wake me up some nights, but I’m usually able to fall asleep again pretty quickly. And on a more positive note, I haven’t been waking up with terrible migraines much at all. If it’s a choice between night-time pain that I mostly sleep through and morning pain, I’ll take the night-time pain any day!

In the personal realm, I’ve been trying to spend time with my family and friends to make up for all the time I spent hiding in my room feeling awful during the fall. I’m still not feeling 100% (whatever that even feels like!), but I’m at least feeling more cheerful. My mood improvement probably has a lot to do with the fact that my two graduate classes this semester are independent studies, so I can work from home and have more flexible deadlines. More flexible deadlines means I can work when I feel up to it and cuddle with my doggies when I don’t. It also means no driving to campus in the middle of rush hour, which is always irritating.

In summary, some things are worse, but some are better. I’m settling in to this new semester and taking one day at a time.


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