Miss Migraine: Aimovig is working!

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The Adventures of Miss Migraine is an ongoing column about my life with chronic migraine.

I started taking Aimovig, the first drug to ever be FDA approved for treating migraine (and not something else), back in November. I’ve taken three doses, and am due for my fourth in two weeks.

The first month I noticed a reduction in frequency and severity of migraines, but after the second month the reduction became significantly more noticeable. It’s not a miracle cure—I have a migraine as I’m writing this—but it’s helping. A lot.

Here’s me having fun at the National Constitution Center without a migraine!

When I travel, I get a migraine. Usually two or three. It’s always been an inevitable part of visiting family or taking a trip. The combination of travel, crappy road food, and lax caffeine habits, not to mention the frequent lack of sleep, always get me. And often even when I am militant about getting enough sleep, not drinking any coffee, and packing my own lunch, I still wind up with a migraine. That’s why I was surprised to not get a single severe migraine the week we visited family over winter break.

This is more astounding when you consider that I:

  1. Was consistently sleep deprived;
  2. Drank a lot of my dad’s whiskey;
  3. Drank a lot of coffee because I was so tired;
  4. Ate quadruple the amount of sugar I normally eat; and
  5. Had days jam-packed with activities and mini trips.

All of these things are known migraine triggers for me, especially when consumed in quantity. (For example, missing a few hours of sleep one night is usually okay. Drinking one cup of coffee is usually okay. Having one drink is usually okay. But when I increase the quantity or combine triggers, things tend to get nasty quickly.)

At the end of the week, despite being tired, I felt good. Not wiped out exhausted like I normally do after a trip. I didn’t have to retreat from any family gatherings to lay down in a dark room. I didn’t have to cut anything short because I was too miserable to not be mean to the people I care about most. I actually got to enjoy my family! And my in-laws!

Like I said, Aimovig is not a miracle cure. I have a pretty killer migraine right now (I’m writing this in the aftermath of three big winter storms, one on top of the other). January and February are often the worst headache months for me because of the constantly changing weather. This is the first severe migraine I’ve had all winter, which is another feat. The rest have been mild to moderate.

Aimovig’s not perfect, but I’ll take it!


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