I will read more writing magazines

I used to read magazines, especially writing magazines, religiously.

But life inserted itself into my perfect routines, and my subscriptions piled up, issue after issue going unread, until I eventually cancelled them all.

I always feel I must read EVERY ISSUE EVER, going back to the beginning of time. As the pile of unread issues gets larger, it becomes more intimidating, and I’m less likely to read any issues at all.

(And then my inner collector tells me I need to track down every single back issue ever so I have a complete collection. My inner collector is, let’s say, obsessive.)

I do think reading industry magazines is important. As someone who wants to be a fiction writer full-time, I should know what’s going on in the publishing and literary communities.

Rather than beat myself up over my magazine-reading-slacking-off and checking out two year’s worth of Poets & Writers and getting five pages into the oldest issue before giving up in despair, I’ve dedicated my lunch hour to reading current issues of writing and literary magazines.

I can get all of the following magazines from the library, with the exception of The Writer’s Chronicle, which I get for being an AWP member:

If I find I’m able to breeze through these with no problem, then I’ll look at reading back issues. And perhaps at collecting them.

What writing magazines and/or literary magazines do you love (or hate)?


What do you think?

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