#FridayReads: Rat Queens by Kurtis J. Weibe

Yes, I know it’s Saturday. Yesterday I was busy having a migraine and trying to pack everything I own.

Rat QueensI always get a bit nervous about men writing female characters, especially in comics. Historically, these women have been one-dimensional with giant boobs and giant asses and backs that behave more like a slinky than a real spine.

But Rat Queens, man, Rat Queens. Think a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, or any epic fantasy series, really, but with actual real ladies who have personality! And wit! And charm! Who look like actual real women!

Kurtis J. Weibe gets my total stamp of approval.

This book has women (and men!) of different sizes, body shapes, colors, and sexual orientations. I’d like to have a few drinks with… any of the characters in this series.

In this first volume, the Rat Queens discover a plot by an unknown party to kill off all the city’s adventuring parties. Things get complicated as they try to solve the mystery.

The pacing is perfect. Awesomely drawn fight scenes compliment the quieter, interpersonal moments. We get to see what these characters can do and we get to know them at the same time. Every panel pulls double duty: moving the plot forward and revealing more about the characters.

Even if you don’t typically like epic fantasy (it is not my favorite genre), I would recommend giving this one a shot. It is so worth it.


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