#FridayReads: The Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki

art-startThis is a book I’ve seen referenced often in other books. Barnes and Noble always seems to have multiple copies stocked, too.

While I don’t think that reputation/availability is entirely unearned, I also don’t think this book was written for me. Guy Kawasaki spends a lot of time detailing how to raise venture capital, get ideas rolling in big companies, hire good people, and even speak well at conferences, but I’m not trying to do those things, at least not yet—I’m trying to start a one-woman, crowd-funded business for writers from thin air.

Despite the title, this book doesn’t really seem geared toward actually starting a business. It seems more geared toward growing a business.

Even though I don’t think I’m going to use most of the information in the book, it’s at least not boring. Kawasaki writes with a conversational, semi-snarky tone that has me snorting at some of the ridiculous things entrepreneurs do (although he does overuse the word “bozo”).

There is lots of good information, even for me. There’s a chapter on bootstrapping, and the first few chapters about having a mantra instead of a mission statement and defining your purpose and market positioning were all great and quite useful.

Ultimately whether this will be a good book for you depends on what you need. Want to grow a business or raise capital? Give it a shot. Want to start a business from nothing, with no business experience? Try one of NOLO’s business books (I’m currently working my way through The Women’s Small Business Start-Up Kit, which is fantastic).


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