reviews my story, “She’s a Work of Art”

On Saturday I got a big, wonderful, surprise., a website that reviews short stories published online, posted a very kind review of my recently-published short story, “She’s a Work of Art.”

The most gratifying part of the review for me was seeing my prose called magical realism, even though this particular story doesn’t have any fantastic elements:

The magic I’m talking about is purely stylistic: the author imbues this story with raw, natural-world imagery that makes it feel like a violent sexual interaction between a girl and a hyena, but it isn’t a hyena, it’s a guy, but the guy is rendered in terms that make him very hyena-like.

I’m ecstatic that a.) people are reading my work and b.) that they are getting something out of it beyond mere enjoyment.

This review is a great encouragement for me. I would be remiss if I didn’t once again thank Animal’s fiction editor, Sarah Cedeño, and my professors at Chatham for helping me turn this story into an “absolutely fantastic piece.” (Actual direct quote! About my writing! I feel the need to use an emoticon! =D)


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