Cycles and setbacks

I’m trying to learn how to relax. In other words, I am trying to learn how not to obsess over writing 100% of the time.

I’m trying to recognize the value in indulging in the occasional Netflix binge.

I am trying to recognize that sometimes Netflix binges are necessary to reset my brain, bring me back to myself.

Book binges can be dangerous because they get me thinking about writing. I have to read something outside my genre, or I’m right back in that same head space, running into the same wall, knowing that I need to let go and let the problem work itself out, but unable to do so.

I am slowly learning that I do not, in fact, have to do everything right now.

Sometimes I feel like a broken record, but change doesn’t happen in an instant. It happens in long, slow movements with plenty of jerks and starts and setbacks.

I’m learning to recognize that those setbacks are part of the process. They are necessary.¬†They let you compare the before and after in a more immediate way. They confirm that yes, this is the right path.

Setbacks are frustrating, but they are another chance to practice patience and to cultivate mindfulness. (I’m not Buddhist, but awareness and mindfulness are an important part of my spiritual tradition, too).

I have to remember that everything cycles. Good days, bad days. Productive days, Netflix-binge days. It’s okay to accept that and enjoy it.

It’s okay to relax. It’s okay to take breaks from writing.


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