Book recs on Instagram, plus other news


Click the photo to see more of my bookish shots on Instagram!

I read a lot. I love talking about books. And, I enjoy taking photos of books that bring out their inner beauty.

(That is an exaggeration, because I am not that skilled. While my dad has taught me some photographic basics, my approach is still “experiment by taking a million shots, then see what looks good.” But perhaps this will get me to take the photography class I keep telling myself I’m going to take.)

At any rate, a few months ago I joined Instagram. You can follow me there for, primarily:

  1. Photos and recommendations of books I love,
  2. Pictures of Jaina (duh), and
  3. Sometimes, board games and/or beer (sorry not sorry I’m a total nerd).

My current goal is to post book recommendations every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Because I read across genres, my recommendations cover anything from science fiction to self-help. More importantly though, I’m only recommending books I actually like (though I’ll probably do some anti-recommendations at some point).

Everyone needs pictures of cute animals in their life, right?

Head over to Instagram to follow me! I will follow you back, unless you are a creeper who tries to get me to fall in love with you with empty flattery based on delusions (Note: This actually happened to me on Instagram). Eventually I’d like to do some giveaways with all the advanced reader copies I have.

Blog Updates

In light of my weekly book recommendations and increasingly crammed schedule, I’m switching up my blog posting schedule to two posts per week on Tuesday and Thursday. I’m hoping this will allow me to focus more on quantity over quality while still keeping things fresh and updated. We’ll see how it goes!

You might also notice that I have a new author photo here on the blog and on all my social media sites! Since I can’t afford a professional photographer right now, I had D.J. help me. I think he did a pretty good job at showing off how much of a freaking nerd I am. ;p


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