A writer’s self-care package

My life is chaos right now: I’m busy at work, my home is being renovated, I don’t have home internet access, and I don’t know where anything is.

I’m longing for my college days when my mother would send me a care package full of Bigelow French Vanilla Black Tea and Tastykake Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes—just something to keep me going forward, something to keep me writing.

Because my morning routine has altered drastically due to our new, strange, living circumstances, I haven’t worked on my current fiction project in two weeks.

That’s fine, as I built in some time away from my desk while we moved and settled in, but now it’s time to get back to work. (We’re not really settled yet; if I waited for that, it would probably be a year before I wrote again).

As I don’t want to wait on the USPS, I moved my butt over to Target last night and picked up a few essentials:

  • A new notebook (I have a million, but they’re all packed)
  • Boxes of tea (My loose leaf is MIA)
  • Dark chocolate (I always need dark chocolate)
  • Baby carrots and hummus (The act of crunching down on carrots help me think)
  • Aromatherapy candle (It’s hard to relax in a house that’s under construction)

What items would you put in your writer’s care package?


What do you think?

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