A weekend full of books

I buy a lot of books, and I try to never feel bad about spending money on things that bring me so much joy.

This weekend we spent more money than we should have on books, (we should be spending zero dollars on non-essentials), but Half Price Books had a twenty percent off everything sale and a lot of good comics that I needed to buy.

I can spend hours and hours in any bookstore, but I love Half Price the most because I always find something wonderful. They have a good selection of Star Wars books (the staff now recognize me as the girl who always buys twenty Star Wars books and fifty comics), and I always find some other treasure.

This time I found many treasures:

  • Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back novel, first edition
  • Star Wars: The Crystal Star, first edition hardback
  • Star Wars: Jedi Twilight I
  • The Star Wars graphic novel (it’s based on Lucas’s original screen play and it’s awesome)
  • An old Marvel Star Wars: Ewoks comic
  • Star Wars original trilogy on VHS in widescreen (original original, not the special editions)
  • Negotiating with the Dead: A Writer on Writing by Margaret Atwood (which I’ve heard of but never seen anywhere)
  • A ton of Hellblazer back issues (so what if I have a huge crush on John Constantine?)
  • A few Books of Magic back issues
  • A nicer copy of Saga issue 3 (my original one has a spot of water damage)

Thanks to an incapacitating migraine, I’ve also spent the weekend reading lots of books, from trashy shoujo manga to self-help/career advice/business advice/fulfill your potential type books.

This is exactly how I like to spend my weekends: Reading, buying books, writing, and playing with my dogs in my new yard. Even though I’ve been in lots of pain and felt too dizzy to much other than sit around, I’m content.


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